Widespread hotel in Tuscany: design, exclusive and refined.

Villa Sassolini is an exclusive hotel spread across Tuscany appreciated for its stimulating, personal and intimate environments.

The architectural and interior design choices reveal Massimo Tani's stylistic and creative signature, as well as his imaginative personality and good taste. The concept of this hotel spread across Tuscany consists of a perfect mix of elegance, research, comfort, charm and respect for tradition. The designer designed the interiors of all the accommodations that make up this hotel, thinking about the materials and lines that would best create harmony with the context of an ancient historic villa.
An important contribution to the definition of the project was given by the inspirations, influences and background that Massimo Tani defined during the experiences and collaborations collected as an interior designer. Hence the choice of pale, soft colors and gray scales which, in addition to conveying an idea of ​​minimalism and lightness, instill tranquility, exactly what the guests of the widespread hotel are looking for.

Much of the furniture and many of the furnishing accessories present were designed by Massimo Tani and recall his historical experience as a founder in Arts and Crafts. Clocks, mirrors, tables, lamps and frames were created in collaboration with the historic Tuscan company and customized according to the stylistic characteristics of the design hotel. The designer succeeded in the mission of combining the minimalism of the lines with an exceptional location such as Villa Sassolini and that of the annexes located in the village of Moncioni. Each item was then adapted to the spaces it occupies, especially in size and colour.

Upon entering Villa Sassolini you perceive a strong sense of modernity and welcome and this is because the tones of the compliments, of the walls and of the upholstery bring back warm and intimate atmospheres. The scents that you breathe here contribute to making the atmosphere of the diffused hotel exclusive and refined.Villa Sassolini is the widespread Tuscan design hotel designed for those who do not intend to settle for conventional hospitality and hotel services and give up the originality of the environment in which they choose to spend their stay.